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How can I start the package?

It is very simple to buy TikTok followers with instant delivery on our platform. To get started, we just need to know the number of fans and likes you want along with the profile you would like to boost. Your order will be submitted, and you can have your followers delivered to the page within just a few minutes.

Does the tiktok package come with likes too?

To make sure that your page garners the appropriate amount of engagement, we can also make sure that you can access likes as well as followers. To purchase this service, you will need to pick up the total number of likes you would want to add and then submit the order, including the post link you would like to promote.

Is it possible to get featured with these services?

We will be sending you real organic likes with the service, and this gives you an actual shot at the chance of getting featured. Our service gives you a 75% greater chance of being featured when compared to all of our competitors. We’ve done the research, and we can make sure that you get viewed by a much larger audience with the number of followers we will deliver to your page.

Are these real followers?

When you buy real TikTok followers, they will stay on your page and provide you with ongoing engagement. Rather than consistently getting followers and then having them simply un-follow your page after a short amount of time, we will provide you followers that will stick for the long term. We have a team of influencers which results in a network of real followers that we can send to your Tik Tok pages in any niche.

What if you can’t find my page?

Make sure that your account is public so that our system can deliver your order. We don’t ask for any password information, but we will need a public account to send followers and likes your way. Open your account to the public, and then once the order has been finished, you can set your account back to private, retaining all of the followers that we brought along.

Will you need access to my account?

We will not ask you for your password and username information; our system only requires a link to your profile or the post that you would like to promote. We want to ensure that you can get access to results quickly and that your account will not be at risk for being banned as a result of multiple logins from different IPs. Most of the time, we can deliver within 24 hours of you submitting your order.

What types of payment do you accept?

Currently, we are accepting PayPal for purchasing our services. We have plans to include other forms of payment, such as credit card processing on the site, debt on the site, and more. Signing up for PayPal is an easy way that you can get access to your service and quickly and securely pay to get your Tik Tok likes and follows.

Can I make special requests for followers and likes?

We have a vast network of influencers that we use to promote your account. If you have a long-standing account and you’re interested in building up a specific and targeted following, we can work with you to make sure that your page is promoted to the right audience. Tell us more about your product in the post that you would like to promote, and we can help you find the ideal followers for your page.

If you’re ready to proceed and scale your TikTok page, check out our packages for more information.


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TikTok Followers:


TikTok is easily one of the hottest social networks available today. With many services offering you the chance to get more Facebook followers, more youtube views, and more Instagram followers, there aren’t too many marketers that specialize in the TikTok Platform. One of the most preferred ways is to simply buy tiktok followers as it is the most cost-efficient way to grow on the platform.


TikTok can be just as profitable as a social network like Instagram. With the chance to reach out to millions of potential viewers, you can market products, engage a fanbase and growing network for highly targeted advertising and influence. Even though people have been buying influence on networks like Instagram, knowing how you can get more influence on a platform like Tiktok can be crucial.


There are numerous ways that you can expand your audience over this network. Whether it’s through viral content or engaging with an audience, you can work at generating a massive fan base online. The problem with these traditional methods for growing your influence on TikTok is that they can often take time. This can also be a short-lived strategy as adding numerous followers and engaging in activities where it might flag your account as a spammer can get your account banned.


Buying the wrong TikTok followers:


TikTok also comes with bots and fake profiles just like any other social network. Working with a website that will send TikTok fans to your profile, which are not authentic, can results in your account getting disabled. Seeing the numbers boost can be a massive motivator, but you’ll never receive the same number of likes and comments that you would get out of TikTok followers that are sent to your page from targeted traffic. A short-term strategy of using bot followers will never provide you with long-term results, and it could potentially get your account ghosted or flagged. In order to avoid such followers, make sure you buy tiktok followers from reputed providers only. At lets viral we offer legit and real followers for your tiktok account at very affordable prices.


Targeted, Organic Followers for TikTok:


Working with a team of skilled marketers that can deliver targeted use for your Tik Tok content is a much better idea. Buying followers can help you to get around the algorithm on Tik Tok. With a larger following base of real people, your posts will have higher chances of being featured and you will be able to reach out to a much larger following base.


As you continue to build a large account with many followers, each one of those followers will give you the chance to reach out to a new account. Tik Tok content can go viral very quickly. Getting 1000 or even 10,000 people following your account can lead to a massive amount of engagement, and when you are buying our services, we will do all the work that’s associated with building an account of this size.


Buying TikTok followers is not expensive:


When you consider the amount of time that it takes you to grow a network on this platform, buying Tik Tok followers is a justified marketing expense. For a small upfront cost, you could reach out to thousands of people and make sure that the content that you work hard for, gets more views and higher engagement over the system. Rather than spending months building up a network, you can have an instant jumpstart and the chance to reach out to an audience of fans and followers.


Why buy TikTok Followers:


Making a choice to buy Tik Tok followers can quickly help in the account growth resulting in plenty of engagement on every post that you make. When you post content to a small audience only, you’re losing the chance to get featured across the network. When you continue to build a more robust network and post content to a large group of followers, it will have a greater reach.


Buying Tik Tok followers will make your online brand seem more legitimate. It’s often easy to find a page that is filled up with bots and fake numbers. Having verified Tik Tok followers on your profile, commenting, liking, and regularly viewing your content will make you seem like a very legitimate page. Even if you’re just getting started, you can have this validation, making it look as though your brand has been working hard to achieve viral success. This can make people more inclined to share your content and follow your Tik Tok.


Getting more followers on TikTok helps you achieve continual growth for your page if you are stagnating. If you find that your page is not seen by many new followers, it could be because you’ve reached out to the majority of the people you are connected to and their followers. Accessing some newly targeted followers can get the ball rolling again and make sure that your page will not stagnate. Continuing to grow your network will give you more options as far as monetizing your page and using your influence on the platform.


It’s often more effective than the paid ad service Tik Tok uses to feature posts. You can use paid ads on Tik Tok and even get a shout out for your page. Taking the option of expanding your network with organic followers can be a far better return on investment than a paid post. Rather than getting stuck having to pay extra money on every post that you make just to promote it, you have an ongoing source of promotion every time you post to a vast network.


How to use our system:


If you would like to get started with the process of buying Tik Tok followers, you can contact us today with your profile page. We don’t need access to your username and password, just a link to your profile so that we can send followers your way.


Other services that require your username and password can be flagged for suspicious activity over Tik Tok. We can help you with growth hacking but without the risk to your profile.


We want to ensure you get access to the best investment for your page and for the future of your Tik Tok influence. We can help you save on time, money, and effort in building your following and maximizing your reach.


If you are ready to get started, select the package that will work for your page. Determine the number of followers you would like to add, and we can do the rest. Within just a few hours, you’ll start to see targeted followers making their way to your page and growing your Tik Tok reach!