5 Ways to grow your Followers on TikTok by proper tracking

5 Ways to grow your Followers on TikTok by proper tracking

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If you are serious about the process of growing your TikTok page, you need to do what any great marketer is doing on social media and track your followers. Tik Tok is a platform that is only expanding in its reach and becoming a more popular platform for marketers. As with any social media platform and is now crucial to weed out the bots and to constantly track your followers so that you can gather demographic data. By checking in on who is following you regularly you can make sure that you have a list of your followers, know how to market to them, and can work at consistently growing your audience. Any page on Tik Tok needs to have quality followers and a lack of bots. You want to make sure that everybody on your page is going to be engaging with your posts and helping you grow your audience. To make sure that your audience genuinely loves the content, you’re putting out and make sure that you can continue to build your content for the future, tracking your followers and having the best tools for measuring your audience can be crucial.

There are plenty of free tools for tracking your TikTok follower growth. Using paths like Hypeauditor can be a fantastic way to you can see the gradual increase in your followers over time and discover what some of your most valuable content may be. This only really scratches the surface, however.

Weeding out unengaged followers:

For social media success, you need to make sure that every follower you have has the potential to share your content and make your social account better. Keeping your social media audience engaged means making sure that you don’t have passive followers who aren’t regularly returning to your page to view your content. Finding creative ways to pick up quality followers and avoid bots will mean examining your audience closely. Here are some of the top ways that you can track the growth of your TikTok followers and enjoy faster growth:

Using For You:

For You is a feature that is at the heart of the platform for Tik Tok is the equivalent of using the explore feature on Instagram but the algorithm is entirely different from other social media pages. For You is the page the defaults when everybody opens up the app the difference with For You is that rather than somebody opening up a newsfeed when they open the app, the For You section will give people on the platform the opportunity to reach out to new people. For you, doesn’t necessarily display items just from TikTok users they follow, but rather other people on the platform they may like.

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Getting your content featured on this page will make sure that the network has recognized the quality of your content. Getting your content to appear over all other users can be a powerful marketing tool and it can help you gain the recognition of real viewers worldwide.

Paying close attention to how the algorithm works and continually searching for new videos that are trending can allow you to build an audience.  Even new accounts will be able to create quality content and boost their position on TikTok if they follow trends.

Examine your audience often:

Determining your target audience will mean regularly viewing the followers that you have. Not every follower on TikTok is going to offer a benefit to you and weeding out the fake followers early on will make sure that everybody’s going to be engaging with your videos. Having a set goal in mind and the audience that you want to reach can give you an instant advantage on the platform. Considering the bulk of the users on TikTok are millennial’s, producing content that also fits in with these users can make sure that you can see consistent growth. You could also consider targeting your content to an audience of more baby boomers and generation X as they are beginning to spend more time on the platform too.

Formatting your hashtags:

Using trending hashtags can be just as important as monitoring trends in making sure that you can get your content featured on For You. Doing some research into the hashtags that are trending can make sure that you can build up brand awareness and continually gain new positions in For You. Keep in mind that you off to compete with many people for popular hashtags, but including them can be paramount to getting trending content.

Always post with quality and often:

The main secret to success with Tik Tok is to remain consistent. Put effort into your videos, post often, and make sure that you are always pushing the limits of the platform. Following the best formatting is one small aspect but if you post with greater quality, you can make sure that the content in your videos will always be shared and appreciated.

Keep these top tips in mind if you are interested in tracking your audience and building a better audience for your TikTok page.

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